HUMMING-BIRD on 3 monitors
Stephan Hüsch © 2011
A hummingbird is flying from flower to flower over 3 different monitors.
design and production: Stephan Hüsch © 2011, concept: beier+wellach projekte
in commission by beier+wellach projekte, for the helicopter museum in Bückeburg

NANO! An Elevator Journey from Reality to Nano
Stephan Hüsch © 2010, video installation in an elevator, 2:49 min
The nano lift installation describes an elevator journey from reality “10 – 0” to the level of a nano meter (10 – 9) .
design: Stephan Hüsch in cooperation with id3d-berlin © 2010
realisation: Stephan Hüsch © 2010
concept: id3d-berlin © 2009

neuStart – Counter
Stephan Hüsch © 2007, documentation of an installation of 24 monitors, 2:55 min loop
furniture: id3d-themengestaltung berlin
in commission by id3d-themengestaltung berlin, for the exhibition “neuStart” at the Technikmuseum Berlin

Stephan Hüsch © 1998, short movie, 0:48 min
The video are actually 3 parts. It’s all done just in Photoshop. scripted in Director
A projection of 4 x 4 m is on the wall, on the ground are several sensitive spots to switch between the videos. It displays the view from inside a fish tank.

Stephan Hüsch © 1996, video installation in the pharmacy (Theodor Fontanewas working there) of the Künstlerhaus Bethanien
In both glass containers is the same person in different costumes.
The left figure is asking with fictitious questions, the right one is answering with the original text of Theodor Fontane.
video projection in glass containers, water is plashing in the containers, red wine is in the flasks
It is becoming a blood circle between both protagonist.

Stephan Hüsch ©1996, sculpture-video, 60:00 min (40 x each 1:30 min; 4:30 min (3 x 90 sec) cutout of the full video

sculpture: white steel shelf (hight about 180 cm), 9 Plexiglaszylinder (hight about 40 cm), filled up with water and milky perspex sheet, with red rubber caps
The visitor is able to see the projections from all sides.
9 different persons are telling 5 or 6 different stories each 90 Sek. vor. The topics are themes of their own lifes.

photographer about images; sport journalist with poems about soccer; sociologist about wonder; servant about food recipe; proffessor for medicine about nature; architect about the über das phenomenon of the barrier; art historian with mit enigmas aout his every day things; culture scientist about white hole in the landscape; atomic scientist talks about the connectiom between mathematics and tango