© 2021 sound sculpture by Stephan Hüsch
PVC, steel wire robe, 2 speakers, 360 x 120 x 120 cm
composition and clarinet improvisation by Stephan Hüsch and Ulrich Hackenbruch

The hanging sound sculpture in the garden of the Sophienkirche, under which passers-by are invited to listen to a clarinet duet for two nightingales, two blackbirds and a dove, explores our relationship to nature. Birds have been a recurring inspiration in music history; an inspiration for this work is the 3rd movement from “Quatuor pour la fin du Temps” by Olivier Messiaen. This composition for clarinet is also initially based on real bird voices; likewise, the form of the sculpture is based on the amplitude of the respective bird call phrases.
The multiple translations ultimately form the score for the sound sculpture and contribute to changing the interplay of our acoustic and visual perception. The work also draws attention to what is not (no longer) heard and focuses on the relationship between silence and sound. It creates an in-between space both spatially and acoustically.
newspaper report at TAGESSPIEGEL


Stephan Hüsch © 2007, acrylic perspex, plastic figures, plastic, iron wire, mp3 player incl. speaker, 100 x 90 x 40 cm
poem and voice: Genevieve McClean © 2007

poem text:
Where damask and plump meets um-bridge glee
Astounding wild and Trompling Sea
The cleverest bits on a bombus bee
In a quickening flowering succulously,

By the stippled yolk part of languid art
A bulb banner promoting lips counterpart
Boldly amaze into dynasty the start
In a serial collapse terrain my lazy flushing heart,

Vesicular riches on a gyptian made of ring
Schools of lingular approach and fleets of Ming
Everything that shimmers in a tins ship fling
A spark that flies the eye into a dawns pale sailing,

Lanterns melt by central fugue
A pip round statue topiary bugle
Flags in the blue lop canon like Breughel
Even lovely Mrs McDougal all old and frugal,

Along highways grain the rubber of a wheel see,
Views bring times pan to great moments of the century,
Keep guard your vision of my intent as its meant to be,
All brave and ancient brazen glory what you mean to me.


Stephan Hüsch © 2002, waxed and stained plywood, steel rope, 2 speakers, 500 x 220 x 140 cm
It refers to a draft of a nuclear-powered zeppelin from the 1950s.
Standing in front of it, you hear a 9 minute virtual trip around the globe.
connected to the same named animation MOVIE of 2002

Stephan Hüsch © 1997, acrylic perspex, aluminium, foam, speakers, 70 x 50 x 12 cm
text, voice, sound and idea: Stephan Hüsch © 1997
The radiator is freezing and talking about how to feel warm himself.

Stephan Hüsch © 1997, acrylic perspex, 2 microfones, 2 speakers, plastic flowers, 2 fishes (kois), water, 120 x 60 x 50 cm
sculpture, sound and idea: Stephan Hüsch © 1997
text: part of the fairytale “The Fisher and his Wife”
voices: Falilou Seck, Susanne Burkhard
The fishes are kidding about the humans as it would be a running gag since hundrets of years in the lake.

Stephan Hüsch © 1997, plastic, varnishing, glass mirror, sound chip, speaker, 70 x 35 x 7 cm
A sound chip in the sculpture is repeating everything what you say to the mirror.